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PactSafe provides customers a comprehensive clickwrap platform that seamlessly facilitates digital acceptance at scale. Our platform enables frictionless acceptance of all your contracts and agreements, reducing time to sign without compromising the immutability of your records. Based in Indianapolis, IN, we have been helping customers like DoorDash, Wayfair, Upwork, and more accept and enforce digital contracts with just one click. Version and track online terms, secure self service flows, dynamically populate contracts with CRM mapping, easily audit clickwrap acceptance and more with PactSafe.

Terms of Use are the most important contract in your business. In this session, learn how to prepare effective Terms of Use, and the court-proven best practices to make sure they are enforceable.


Top 10 Ways to Prevent Marketplace Lawsu

Marketplaces have the opportunity to do business at massive scale, but there are countless landmines. We'll discuss 10 common landmines that can get your marketplace sued, and how to avoid them.


A seamless customer experience has never been more important, so you can't let contracts get in the way. In this session, learn how to create self-service contract flows that will allow your marketplace to turn contract acceptance into a competitive advantage.


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