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The Masters Program offers a full suite of virtual tools and resources for entire teams to become experts In risk management, trust & safety and legal strategy - virtually. Through live events, recorded sessions, podcasts, blogs, and thought leadership materials, we have removed any barrier to learning, networking and sharing information that are a critical part of launching, growing and successfully exiting any startup! Whether online or through the mobile app, you can access mission-critical content, along with industry-leading experts, colleagues and peers.  All combined, the Masters Program offers more touch points, access to a larger community, greater content through a dozen channels, and longer lasting impact.

Spearheaded by industry leaders, peers, subject matter experts and top academics across a wide range of industries and disciplines, the Masters Program is a solutions-focused, comprehensive, virtual platform where the ecosystem comes to share strategies and tactics tested and vetted through real-world applications and experiences. A dozen distinct channels provide over 100 hours of content covering: Background Checks & Screening; Compliance, Regulatory & Legal; Crisis Management & Public Relations; Cybersecurity & Data Privacy; Digital Identity & KYC; Gig Economy & Future of Work; Insurance & Insurtech; Marketplace & Platform Strategy; Mobility & Transportation; Payments & Fraud Prevention; Technology Innovation; and Trust & Safety. 

Got an idea for a live event or a recorded session? Want to recommend a colleague, expert or industry leader to present content for the Masters Program? Submit your ideas here.

What is the Masters Program?

Live Events

From webinars, master classes and interviews, to fireside chats, workshops and everything in between, the Masters Program offers cutting edge content to the entire Marketplace Risk community of over 5,000. Each live event is delivered through the Masters Program platform and include live question-and-answer sessions, as well as follow-on discussions to enable connection and engagement directly with colleagues, peers and experts. Each live event is added to the Masters Program library of content for later viewing.

Recorded Sessions

Similar to live events, recorded sessions can take any form, including webinars, master classes, interviews, fireside chats and workshops. The recorded sessions include two-part and three-part series that may be too long for a single session. Recorded sessions are available in the Masters Program library of content, which is organized along 12 channels that are constantly updated.

Live Help

Got a question about any of the content in the Masters Program? Or, do you want help with an issue you are confronting with your startup? Either way, we are here to help. You can contact us with any questions or issues and we will help you with the answer or the solution - live. Just email us, chat with us or talk by phone. If we don't have the answer, we will help to find the answer for you!

Mobile App

The mobile app enables the community to engage with one another through a full suite of online networking features. In addition to accessing live and recorded content, the mobile app facilitates one-on-one and group interaction and engagement in real time. Participants can connect with each other through virtual meet-ups, discussion boards and groups, live Q&A sessions, professional matchmaking, virtual hangouts, and more. The robust nature of the mobile app promises to increase engagement!


Each live event and recorded session is accompanied by a 30-minute podcast with the speakers. The podcasts are designed to drill down on the topics discussed, which many be generated by online discussions, questions and other feedback we have received. Podcasts are available in the Masters Program library of content, which is organized along 12 channels that are constantly updated. 


Leveraging a community of thousands of investors, founders, executives, operators, partners, experts and academics, the blog is a great place to dig into issues and learn from the pros. Interested in sharing information or your experience? Reach out to us and we will work with you to publish on our blog so that others can learn from you! That's the best part of the Masters Program - sharing!

Sponsor Center

The Sponsor Center is each sponsor’s opportunity to stand apart from one another - and shine. Each sponsor profile includes information about the company, contact form for participants to submit questions and inquiries directly to the sponsor, as well as links to all of each sponsor’s content within the Masters Program (ie, live events, recorded sessions, podcasts and sponsor materials). Sponsors may also link to other content outside of the Masters Program, including research, white papers, surveys, etc. Be sure to check out the Masters Program sponsors!