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King & Spalding helps leading companies advance complex business interests in more than 160 countries. Working across a highly integrated platform of more than 1,100 lawyers in 21 offices globally, we deliver tailored commercial solutions through world-class offerings and an uncompromising approach to quality and service. A Global 50 law firm, we have grown in close relationship with our clients’ interests and market dynamics, coordinating now across global hubs to best serve our clients’ complex, often cross-border, objectives.

Terms of Use are the most important contract in your business. In this session, learn how to prepare effective Terms of Use, and the court-proven best practices to make sure they are enforceable.


This session will cover hot topics and regulatory trends for marketplaces, including worker misclassification enforcement by City Attorneys (e.g., Instacart); misclassification rulemaking by the California Public Utilities Commission; regulatory tracking of product sharing (e.g., Uber lawsuits with cities requiring scooter geo-location data); and regulatory scrutiny of data discrimination by marketplaces using artificial intelligence/machine learning to make adverse decisions about users (e.g., FTC complaints and potential rulemaking).



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