Meet some of the biggest names in the sharing economy from around the globe, including founders, executives, operators and experts - their input and guidance shape this event. 

Elle Tucker (Edinburgh, UK)

Elle (Eleanor) is chair of the committee and a former broadsheet journalist, advertising creative and media expert who has focused her skills on the specific marketing needs of peer-to-peer marketplaces. She co-founded RUDE Communications in 2016, the first PR agency to focus on the sharing economy. She is now Director and ‘Gang Leader’ of GangHut, which provides specialist marketing and growth strategies for two-sided marketplaces. Passionate about the potential of P2P to democratize individuals and empower communities, Elle is originally from Oxford and was educated at Edinburgh University, where she now lives. She divides her time between the Scottish capital, London and Google Hangouts, thanks to GangHut’s international client base and her role on the Marketplace Risk Management Conference Advisory Board.

Anna Bordon (London, UK)

Anna is an Innovation Consultant at Travelers. Prior to her current role, Anna was the Thought Leadership and Product Development Manager in the Innovation Team at Lloyd’s of London, the largest specialist (re)insurance market. Before starting her career in insurance Anna was a Policy and Research Officer for the Principle for Responsible Investment Initiative and she held roles at the Chatham House and the Financial Times. Anna holds a BA in Languages, Economics and Legal Institutions in Eastern Asia from Università Ca' Foscari and Beijing Language University. In 2012 she obtained an MSc in International Management for China from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) followed by an MSc in Energy Management from ESCP Europe Business School in 2014.

Admir Čavalić (Tuzia Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Admir is the founder and director of the Association Multi from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Multi promotes economic freedoms and new economic trends in this country. Admir is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, University in Tuzla and at the IPI Academy. He is the author of numerous scientific and professional papers dealing with the topic sharing economy. Multi actively works with governments, businesses, and NGOs to promote and enhance the sharing economy in the Western Balkans. Admir is a regular commentator and columnist for numerous media in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

Saray Covey (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Saray started out in online retail advertising and financial technology., starting before the ability to purchase products online was available. Her current focus is on merchant developments of fraud and risk. With the many tools available that can help keep merchants and marketplaces safe and their brand reputations clean, narrowing down the specific needs can be difficult: her goal is to provide insights to keep illegal activities out of marketplaces and all online merchants. Saray says, “The saying goes, ‘Where there’s a will there’s a way’ and criminals have the will, so we need to stay ahead of their ways to keep our industry clean and safe from possible illegal activities”.  

Elizabeth Douet (Cairo, Egypt)
Elizabeth Douet is a digital communications consultant leveraging innovation, diversity and a global network to help businesses, individuals and communities meet their complex digital transformation challenges. Previously she led the establishment of Sharing Economy Ireland, an industry association created for sustainable development of Ireland’s collaborative economy, and advised the European Commission and European Parliament on tools and policies to support platform economy, cross-border e-commerce and digital single market initiatives. She presently consults across Europe and Northern Africa on projects furthering the future of work, digitalization, and sustainable development.

Juliet Eccleston (London, UK)

Juliet is CEO and founder of AnyGood?, a platform where professionals recommend other professionals for roles. Juliet’s background is in delivering large scale technology change programmes. After 20 years building high performing teams, her frustration with the process for hiring talent collided with opportunity and the rise of the sharing economy. This drove her to develop an alternative. AnyGood? launched in the UK in 2017 and is growing globally. Juliet is an active advocate of the sharing economy and a regular speaker on the subjects of disruption, design thinking and innovation.

Nick Fulton (London, UK)

Nick is Head of Partnerships at Paybase. Paybase power payments, compliance and risk management for European platform businesses particularly in the gig, supply chain, and blockchain spaces. He's particularly interested in nurturing network effects, reducing disintermediation across platforms and hearing about the platform businesses of tomorrow. Paybase is the only provider in Europe to simultaneously allow their clients to build compliant escrow flows and to execute card-to-worker bank account payments in under 30 seconds, providing a true cashless transaction experience for gig economy platforms.

Neal Gorenflo (Mountain View, CA, US)

Neal is the Executive Director of Shareable, an award-winning nonprofit news outlet, action network, and consultancy exploring the latest innovations in resource sharing. He’s a speaker, consultant, and editor of multiple books including, “Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons.” He helps leaders around the world meet their goals through sharing including Mayor Park Won-Soon of Seoul, South Korea who won the Gothenburg Sustainability Award in 2016 for his metropolis-wide sharing program. As a social entrepreneur, Neal’s timely call to action is simple: let’s share!

Jeremy Gottschalk (Chicago, IL, US)

With 15 years of experience as a lawyer, operator, and consultant to the marketplace startup and sharing economy ecosystem, Jeremy has become an industry-leading voice for risk management, legal strategy and trust & safety. Jeremy founded the Marketplace Risk platform, including the Marketplace Risk Management Conference, Sharing Economy Global Summit, Road Show, Slack Forum and Webinar Series, as industry networking and knowledge-sharing platforms for the marketplace startup and sharing economy ecosystem. He regularly consults with insurance companies, venture capitalists, startups and vendors in this ecosystem. Jeremy holds a BA from Marquette University, a JD from Loyola University Chicago School of Law and an MBA from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management.

Justin Hales (Newcastle, Australia)

Justin is one of the founding members of the Sharing Hub, an Australian community accelerating the lifecycle of young and disruptive startups in the sharing economy marketplace. Justin is also the CEO and Founder of Camplify, Australia and the UK's largest caravan and motorhome sharing community. Justin’s 15 years' experience in software design to enhance user experience, paired with his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for outdoor adventures has seen him spearhead the growth of Camplify and the caravan sharing economy. To date, Camplify has helped holidaymakers enjoy 450,000 nights under the stars and paid out over $25million in hire income to its community of van owners.

Sjoerd Handgraaf (Helsinki, Finland)

Sjoerd is the CMO of Sharetribe, democratizing the sharing economy by making platform technology accessible to everyone. Besides being responsible for Sharetribe’s growth, he was also the editor-in-chief of the Marketplace Academy and was the editor of “The Lean Marketplace”, which was a bestseller on Amazon. Over the last two years at Sharetribe, Sjoerd has talked to hundreds of (aspiring) sharing economy entrepreneurs so he works at the heart of the ecosystem.

Joanna Jurgens (Dallas, Texas, US)

After spending time with media giant NBC Universal as well as starting her own successful small business, Joanna joined start-up life on the ground floor of international music discovery start-up, Sofar Sounds. From volunteer house concert organizer in Sofar’s early days to being one of their first employee hires, to her leadership role overseeing multiple aspects of growth and compliance worldwide as Head of Business Affairs, Joanna is heavily involved in all aspects of risk management, trust & safety, and insurance needs for the rapidly growing global leader in intimate musical events.

Olivia Knight (London, UK)

Olivia spent ten years as a Partner and strategist at eatbigfish brand consultancy, then two years as a Creative Director for environmental charity Do The Green Thing, before launching the Patchwork group gift platform. Interested in the intersection between business, politics, community and the environment, Olivia is Chair of Sharing Economy UK and a member of the CBI Chairs' Committee responsible for setting and steering the CBI policy decisions. She is also an active member of the women in tech community and the London startup scene. Life motto: 'Don't snatch. Share.'

Ola Lowden (Stockholm, Sweden)

Ola was one of the founders of Shared Economy Sweden and is now the founder CEO of omocom, an on-demand  insurance solution for the circular economy. Ola has written several reports on data flows and digital trade and has 8 years’ experience in trade policy. He has given lectures at universities and organizations such as the UN, WTO, and CIFTIS as well as both the EU-parliament, Commission and the Swedish Riksdag. Has been an appointed expert in several parliamentary committees on the sharing economy.

Marta Mainieri (Milan, Italy)

Marta is the author of Collaboriamo (Hoepli, 2013), the first book about the sharing economy published in Italy, and founder of Collaboriamo, a platform that provides content and services around the topic of the collaborative economy. Curator of Sharitaly, the first event in Italy focused on the sharing economy (2013-2017) and editor of the Italian Sharing Economy Report (2014-2017), Marta is a consultant and trainer specialising in issues concerning the sharing economy, platform design, community design and growth; she also collaborates as a freelance journalist for some national newspapers.

Lucie Munier (London, UK)

Lucie runs the Sharing Economy UK (SEUK) in her role as its Manager. SEUK is the trade body championing the UK’s sharing economy industry – from the world’s most influential sharing economy businesses to innovative and industry-defining start-ups. Prior to joining SEUK, Lucie worked in and helped develop the blockchain ecosystem in London through participating in early policy development and hype dissipation at the European Parliament, financial regulators and Chatham House. She is a published author on the intersect of data protection’s interaction with blockchain and has co-founded a research group to assess public sector implementation of blockchain in over 20 jurisdictions. Lucie has also worked in cybersecurity in Geneva, fintech in Hong Kong and is now bringing her international knowledge and experience of various technologies to apply it to the Sharing Economy in the UK.

Hideaki Ninomiya (Tokyo, Japan)

Hideaki is a secretariat member of the Sharing Economy Association Japan (on loan from Gaiax Co.Ltd.). He has been working for the development and improvement of the online sharing economy market in Japan, engaging in the "Sharing Economy Trust Mark" (safety and security certification system for online platformers) project or the Sharing City (alliance scheme between local governments and online platformers) project.

Darzy Norhalim (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Darzy is Director of the Sharing Economy Ecosystem Division (SEED), Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). He joined the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) in 2001, and currently is the Director of the Sharing Economy Ecosystem Division (SEED). In his current capacity, he has been instrumental in creating policy framework to promote and grow crowdsourcing; the sharing economy industry in Malaysia and fostering the ecosystem needed to prepare the country to benefit from the disruptive technology trend. He oversees the implementation of national-level initiative which facilitate participation by citizens in the ‘freelance, gig economy’, and adoption of the disruptive model of crowdsourcing and sharing economy by businesses. He graduated from Brown University with a Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering) in 1994.

Marianne Olsson (Stockholm, Sweden)

Marianne is a gig economy expert, speaker, and author, and a strategic advisor with 25 years of marketing and business development experience in international environments. She has an MBA from Henley Business School in the UK, and her positions include management roles at Ericsson and Acando, as well as an advisor and board member to startups and global companies with digital ventures through her company Her new book series "Consulting in the Gig Economy & How to Get Great Gigs” aims to inspire more people to become gig workers and make the most of their lives working in the gig economy.

Chelsea Rustrum (San Francisco, CA, US)

Chelsea explores shared ownership and value distribution through the lens of the sharing economy and blockchain technology. She’s the author of It’s a Shareable Life, the founder of Blockchain for Good, a social and educational series for elevating social good initiatives that utilize blockchain and the co-founder of Instigation Protocol, which sits at the intersection of cities, emerging technology companies, and enterprise. She works with systems, structures, and financial models that reinforce our interdependence. To that end, she is working on a collaborative Blockchain Code of Ethics to program the future with collectively aligned values.

Josh Sanders (Chicago, IL, US)

Josh serves as the Business Development Manager for the Aon Digital Economy Practice. Aon is a leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement, and health solutions. The Aon Digital Economy Practice serves clients who have emerged exclusively from the digital economy and clients who are experiencing a differentiated risk profile because of new digital capabilities. Aon’s unique solutions perform across platforms and marketplaces to drive retention and loyalty among the enterprise, consumer, and workers. Josh is a graduate of Clemson University, obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Economics. 

Elisa Saturno (Milan, Italy)

Elisa is a designer specializing in public spaces and their activation and in cultural and social planning in terms. Since 2016 she has been a member of constructLab, an international collective of architects and humanists that engages in social design and participatory architecture. In September 2017 she became a country manager for the international open-source platform Harvestmap, a marketplace for professional upcyclers, and since the beginning of 2019, she has been with Collaboriamo, where she applies her service design and community involvement skills to collaborative economy-related projects. She has lived in Eugene, OR (USA) and Berlin and she is currently working Europe wide.

Jozef Wallis (London, UK)

Jozef has 20 years digital experience in the European web and media industries. A serial entrepreneur with three successful exits at founder level, he is a specialist in UK and European market entry and an award winning company builder and business leader, investor, mentor and marketplace start-up advisor. Jozef is currently the co-founder of Booxscale, the "marketplace of marketplaces", connecting on-demand local service providers such as food delivery and taxi firms like JustEat and Uber with local users found on our proprietary network of publishers and apps including Microsoft BING.

Iris Wang (Taipei, Taiwan)

Iris is a global freelancer working in the sharing economy space. She believes the sharing economy can solve the existing urban issues and a better society. She currently serves as the Overseas Partnership Coordinator at the Sharing Economy Association, Japan(SEAJ). She built the global network and assist SEAJ’s global project, which includes Sharing Cities, Sharing Economy Trust Mark, overseas study visits and link the sharing economy associations across the Asian Pacific countries.

Patrick Wong (Singapore)

Patrick heads the Sharing Economy Association of Singapore - bringing together tech start-ups and businesses involved in the sharing and collaborative economy. Patrick also sits on the Singapore National Technical Committee for the development of the ISO for the Sharing Economy. In his day job, Patrick manages the business and operations of GOGOVAN Singapore, the Hong Kong unicorn sharing platform providing same-day delivery and logistic needs in over 300 cities in China, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

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