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The Sharing Economy Global Summit is ideal for every stakeholder in your organization - from investors, founders, executives, lawyers and managers, to operators, developers, data analysts and customer success representatives - we offer you the most comprehensive content for sharing economy startups and the sharing economy ecosystem.

2020 Sharing Economy Global Summit Agenda
(in formation)

Global Resources: Leveraging Sharing Economy Industry Associations for Platform Expansion

Expansion is in the roadmap for every platform, but where do you turn for resources and information? Luckily many countries have trade groups and governmental agencies that can help you expand your platform into all corners of the globe. Hear from leaders from some of the largest sharing economy industry groups from around the world as they explain how you can leverage them for your growth into new territories.

Shared Mobility - New Frontiers Where Market Forces and Regulation Meet

CoMoUK supports the development of shared modes of transport including through car clubs, bike sharing, ride sharing and emerging modes of "on demand" buses and scooter sharing as an alternative to private car ownership. Founded in 1999, the organisation leads UK’s transition to integrated mobility solutions designed for the public good through advocacy, research and development. Join CoMoUK's Chief Executive and members for a presentation on the intersection of market forces and regulation for shared mobility.


Regulation in Mobility & Transportation Platforms

Join Dominick Moxon-Tritsch, Director of Regulation & Policy at Bolt, for a brief romp through the regulation of the sharing economy, starting with the JP Morgan Chase Institute distinction between labour sharing and asset sharing platforms. Then, he will offer a brief analysis of the opinion of the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice in the Airbnb Ireland case, which will define asset sharing platform regulation. Finally, he will take a look ahead to the Romanian referral to CJEU in Star Tax.


Risk Management Pitfalls and Opportunities with Platform-Enabled Delivery

This session will feature a discussion with some of the largest platform-enabled delivery companies discussing how to manage the top five risks associated with platform delivery, including providing access to one's home, guns, drugs and children. This session will explore how to create a culture of risk management, including with driver selection, driver liability, employment practices liability, UBI and telematics.


Trust me... Not Everyone is Willing to Share

Trust has become the most critical currency of the 21st Century as more and more people shun the establishments of yesteryear in favour of new peer-to-peer online platforms that allow the sharing of services, space and resources. But Anglo notions of 'decency' and 'doing the right thing' don't necessarily apply everywhere else, as global parking app KERB has found as it enters new markets. This session will feature Rob Brown, CEO of Kerb.


The Evolution of Mobility

Join Aon's autonomous vehicle broker for an exploration of the stages of autonomy. This session will include some of the leading autonomous vehicle companies discussing the evolution of autonomous vehicles en masse and how this will impact businesses.


Where Next for Sharing Mobilities?

In this session, the authors of the recently published book, "Sharing Mobilities: Questioning our Right to the City in the Collaborative Economy", will present the key ideas and examples from their book. Experts in urban mobility and design exploring , and then invite responses from two discussants in the field of urban will join the authors as they explore mobility and design in relation to the wider field.


Mobility as a Service - the Role of Trust, Safety & Risk

Eighty-four percent of car owners say that owning a car is still very important to them. However, the mobility landscape is changing with speculation that sharing economy will reduce the need for car ownership. This leads to the questions: What is required to consume mobility as a service? What are the barriers to its uptake? And, what role do trust, safety and risk play in driving innovation in car sharing? Join 3FEV Founder Funmi Onamusi and Hiyacar CEO Graeme Risby as they explore answers to these questions and more!


Short-Term Rental Fraud Prevention Around the World

This session will feature a presentation with International Property Rental Approval Certification (I-PRAC) CEO Chris Maughan on the rising problem of rental fraud within the short term rental sector and how to prevent falling victim. This session will also explain how short term rental hosts can showcase credibility and mitigate fraud by leveraging tactics designed by I-PRAC.


Why Home Sharing Needs Cross-Platform Action to Flush Out the Scammers

In 1914, 24 countries got together to discuss identification techniques and catching fugitives. Since then, Interpol has grown to be an intergovernmental organisation facilitating cooperation between 180 countries. The home-sharing community can learn a lot from Interpol when it comes to trust and safety. I'll talk about how we can tackle this problem by working together. GUARDHOG Technologies CEO & Co-Founder Humphrey Bowles will tie together Interpol's tactics with the home-sharing community as a solution to preventing scammers in home sharing.


Raising Standards: Barriers and Solutions to Building Trust in Short-Term Accommodation

Short Term Accommodation Association (STAA) Chair and UnderTheDoormat Founder and CEO Merilee Karr will talk about how the home-sharing industry can raise the bar for standards and build trust with policymakers and consumers. She will cite several examples from her role as Chair of STAA, as well as her broader experience within the industry.


Global Expansion of Home Sharing - Regulation and Government Relations

Home-sharing and short-term accommodation platforms are ubiquitous - you can legally stay in someone else's home for a fee in nearly every country. But, how did this come to be and, more importantly, how do you navigate each country's laws, regulations and legal structure to ensure compliance? Short Term Accommodation Association (STAA) Chair and UnderTheDoormat Founder and CEO Merilee Karr, along with representatives from the largest home-sharing platforms in the world, will explore the global expansion of home sharing, including regulation around the world and proper government relations.


Regional to Global: Lessons Learned in Acquisition of a Platform

Every startup dreams of a lucrative exit, including being acquired by one of the largest online shopping marketplaces in the world. But how do you position your startup for acquisition. More importantly, what should you be doing now to improve your chances? Gumtree Founder and Sharing Economy UK Board Member Fergus Campbell will explore his experience being acquired by eBay, including lessons he learned along the way.


Leveraging the Latest Technology to Develop Gig Platforms

Gig platforms and technology go hand-in-hand. Are you leveraging the latest technology to the greatest potential? Gig economy expert Marianne Olsson, GigZoo Co-Founder Anjandeep Luthra and AnyGood CEO and Co-Founder Juliet Eccleston will explore the latest technology leveraged to develop today's most popular gig platforms.


Financial Inclusion and Security to Gig Workers - Smarter Screening and Tailor-Made Services

What are the financial challenges for the gig workers? How can the unbanked workers get access to credits and loans, along with the other benefits that fixed-income and traditional workers receive? Claes Persson, CEO of Gee Finance, will explore banking for gig workers and how to achieve similar benefits for them.


Conquering Screening and Friction in Onboarding

There is a natural conflict between the rush to onboard users and properly screening them. After all, you have to confirm your customers are who they say they are and, from there, screen them to make sure they are appropriate for your platform. But how do you balance these competing interests? AddyCar CEO Danill Tarakanov, GigZoo CEO Anjandeep Luthra and global digital identity solution Ekata will explain how you can conquer friction in the onboarding process to overcome this natural conflict.


Responsible, Sustainable & Innovative Business Models in the Sharing Economy

UrbanVolt's Head of Marketing and Director of Sharing Economy Ireland Edel Kennedy will share the hurdles and solutions UrbanVolt has experienced while developing a business model literally 'off grid' from what existed (i.e. no public procurement category for 'lighting as a service'), as well as UrbanVolt's journey to achieve B Corporation certification (businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social & environmental performance, transparency, & legal accountability).


Three Key Metrics for Detecting and Measuring Fraud Activity

While the ultimate fraud metric is the number of incidents in any given time period - there are three major metrics that give a measure on your team's performance on handling fraud on your platform. Learn the tenants of the platform trust and safety fraud balance sheet from Dylan Pierce, Trust and Safety Lead at RVshare. These metrics serve as a guide to understand your team’s proficiencies and deficiencies.


Digital Identity - All the Ways to Know Your Customer Through Various Data Points

Take a deep dive into how companies can use mobile information to understand their users beyond what has previously been possible, how this information can be used to mitigate risk, and best practices from the top web and app properties around the world.


Leveraging Networks and Crowdsourcing for Risk Management

In the technology, process and people triangle, people are by far the weakest link in the information security chain. They can also be the biggest asset if incentivized to become accountable risk sensors and active problem solvers. This session will reference behavioral science and experiences with a variety of businesses how to build a culture of security and continuous improvement.


Sharing Cities - The Case for Governmental and Non-Governmental Collaboration

Sharing Cities and similar sharing economy initiatives have the ability to improve our quality of life, as well as the environment, among other benefits. This session will feature some of the biggest organizations leading this movement.


Sharing Economy Insurance Q&A: What, Why and How

Do you understand the differences in insurance types and how to procure the best program for your startup? This session will give you everything you need to know about procuring and maintaining the best insurance policies designed for your business. Five critical players focused on insurance in the sharing/marketplace economy will engage attendees in a dialogue about the interaction between the new world of the sharing economy and the evolving world of those insurers and brokers immersed in this space.


Insurance as an Enabler to Platform Growth

Insurance is often viewed as a necessary evil; however, insurance is a vital element of growth. Learn how insurance feeds the growth story and the needs it serves, including the continuous need for Innovation. This session will also explore dependencies for the model to work, as well as current and future challenges.


Fair Work in the Sharing Economy

Sharing economy platforms have been an engine for employment growth but the quality of jobs being created varies widely. In the general absence of government regulation, it will be important to publicly differentiate between good and poor practice. The Fairwork Foundation, led by Richard Heeks, Chair of Development Informatics at the University of Manchester, is an academic action research programme undertaking this differentiation by rating platforms in a number of countries.


Is Escrow Key to Safeguarding the Sharing Economy?

Escrow in its digitalised form has equipped the platform economy with a competitive instrument to both safeguard transactions and enhance products. Paybase CEO Anna Tsyupko will present how platform businesses can use escrow as a crucial tool to secure payments by eliminating the need for trust between platform users by instilling trust in the platform itself.


Trust in Different Cultures: When Your Platform Crosses Borders

The way we travel has changed. Thanks to new technologies and the sharing economy, we trust total strangers to drive us across cities, host us in their homes and, in the case of Stasher, safeguard our belongings. Trust is what makes services like these possible, but it also one of the biggest concerns new customers have about using them. Stasher CEO Jacob Wedderburn Day will demonstrate how trust can be built cross-culturally.


What Good Risk Management Looks Like and How Effective Insurance Solutions Support It

The risk environment is constantly evolving in the sharing economy space and, as a result, it is important for your company to have a strong risk management framework in place. This session will highlight key risk management fundamentals that your company should focus on, including the importance of reliable data, proactive risk mitigation and controls, knowing the regulatory landscape, and leaning in to better understand the insurance industry to ensure you are teaming up with the right partners in the sharing economy space. A look at what companies must consider if they are looking to offer their services on a corporate basis, what risks are corporates afraid of and what do they want to see in terms of good risk management?


Stories from the Trenches: Following the Roadmap to Success when Expanding Across Borders

International expansion is atop most startups' list. But the risk profile of your company changes the moment you expand. This session will provide a general roadmap for the top risk management considerations for sharing economy companies when expanding the business outside of your home country.


Growing Sharing Economy Market Outside of the USA - Opportunities and Challenges

The sharing economy is experiencing exponential growth outside of the US and that presents some significant risk management, insurance and regulatory challenges that are often complex and territory specific. This panel will discuss how companies can identify and manage territory-specific challenges to marketplace risks and create policies that are compliant globally to support the growth aspirations of their operations.


Creating an Effective Anti Fraud A.I. Model without a PHD in Data Science

Ensuring customer safety is key, and utilizing AI to instantly detect and act on fraud drives growth for your startup. In this practical exercise, you'll see how a machine learning algorithm can be built with drag & drop in Azure Machine Learning Studio with minimal code. In this exercise you'll learn the basic tenants of effective AI development including the importance of fraud analytics.


Building a Sharing Economy Among Developing Countries

In this session, BYU Professor Emeritus Warner Woodworth, PhD will explore three inspiring stories that show how: embracing social innovations like microfinance & social entrepreneurship are powerful strategies, especially for women; leading three decades of mobilizing the world's 'haves' to share with 'have-nots' has moved both toward a bright future of economic sustainability; and growing a sharing economy will foster deep happiness & resilience.


Platform Advertising - Some Risks Just Have to be Taken

How is marketing different when you're promoting your sharing economy platform? It's a risky business, as not only do you have to educate and build trust, you're often talking to several distinct groups (users and providers). You also need ideas that stand out. This session features Elle Tucker from GangHut, the Mellor&Smith agency, whose clients are from a range of sectors and include Amazon, Egencia, M&S, Spotify and Remitly, and a platform CMO.


Fake Reviews: The Path to Brand Abandonment

Fake reviews are online reviews from users who never used the service or who were incentivized to write it. Despite the growing risks from this, businesses can’t turn off reviews due to the role they play in what users decide to buy. Sharing economy organizations must evolve, adopting new strategies to keep users safe and understand how fake reviews affect their brand and customers long-term. Sift Trust & Safety Architect Kevin Lee will impart these strategies.


Trust & Safety - How to Think and Act Globally

Trust and safety might be a universal concept, but the application is anything but. Hear how some of the world's largest platforms view trust and safety and, more importantly, how they execute on best practices. We've all heard about blockchain. In fact, you probably cannot go a day without hearing about it. But, what is it? And, more importantly, how can it be leveraged effectively in the sharing economy? Nick Fulton, Partnerships Director at Paybase, will host a presentation on how sharing economy platforms can effectively leverage blockchain.

Leveraging Blockchain in the Sharing Economy

We've all heard about blockchain. In fact, you probably cannot go a day without hearing about it. But, what is it? And, more importantly, how can it be leveraged effectively in the sharing economy? Nick Fulton, Partnerships Director at Paybase, will host a presentation on how sharing economy platforms can effectively leverage blockchain.

Case Study: Utilizing ID Verification to Thwart Fraud

Learn how RVshare drastically reduced its fraud with almost no overhead by implementing ID verification at crucial points in the customer journey. We'll share our lessons when it comes to rolling out your own ID verification system, including strategies on rolling out, handling edge cases, GDPR compliance and reducing friction for your customers. Join Dylan Pierce, Trust and Safety Lead at RVshare, for this not-to-miss session. 

Screening Globally - Variations in Background Checks Around the World

Background checks are a valuable tool in screening programs, but with variations in the availability of information and differences in the process to secure them, where do you start? Join multinational background check company for a thorough presentation on how to leverage background checks throughout the world and what to expect depending on the country.

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