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Head of Licensing

About me:

Welmoed Neijmeijer is Head of Licensing at Bolt. In this role she is responsible for driving a strategic expansion agenda for the micromobility and carsharing business (Rentals). She is leading the Rentals licensing team, a talented group of professionals focused on bid management, central knowledge development and strategic partnerships. In the past year, Welmoed and her team have built a successful bid writing methodology and process for Bolt, which resulted in a +60% increase of Bolt’s tender win rate.Welmoed has held different roles within Bolt - previously she was responsible for Public Policy in the Benelux region and for Central policy development for Rentals. Prior to this, Welmoed was responsible for public policy in the Benelux, UK and Ireland at Voi Technology. Her passion for urban mobility and small modes stems from her roots in the Netherlands, where she started cycling from a young age.With ample experience in European Affairs Welmoed has been one of the main drivers behind the creation of the EU industry association Micro-Mobility for Europe, of which she currently is co-chair. Based in the south of Belgium, Welmoed enjoys long hikes in the Ardennes forest with her dog and reading a good book next to the fireplace. She loves to spend her summers in the north of Ireland, to improve her knowledge of Irish.


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Thursday, October 13, 2022 at 2:00:00 PM UTC

Ways to Achieve Sustainable Urban Mobility

Room 1

Michael Maicher, Phillip Watkins, Rob MacKethan, Welmoed Neijmeijer

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