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Lead Behavioural Science/Transport Safety

About me:

Dr Neale Kinnear is a Chartered Psychologist in the study of human behaviour and transport and Lead Behavioural Scientist at Humn, a real-time risk insurance platform. Neale works across road safety applying behavioural science to develop evidence-based solutions to manage risk. Neale has developed and published models of driver behaviour, risk appraisal and decision making, including guidance on understanding behavioural adaptation. Neale sits on the Vehicle User Education, Training, and Licensing committee and Young Driver Subcommittee of the Transportation Research Board, USA and sits on the Expert Panel for Road Safety Education Australasia.


*Note: The time shown may reflect your local time zone. Check the agenda for the correct time. 

Thursday, October 13, 2022 at 2:00:00 PM UTC

Deploying AI to Improve Safety and Customer Experience

Room 2

Chris Clarke, Dan Severin, Neale Kinnear, Peter Bousquet

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