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About me:

Campbell’s career has spanned a range of global commercial & technical roles primarily in the tech industry. He has led large complex deals including M&A transactions whilst holding senior level roles in Vodafone, Intuit & Bazaarvoice amongst others. In corporate life, Campbell has been a catalyst for innovation and is passionate about the lean startup mindset regardless of the organisation's size. He worked on many innovative new concept launches including mobile payments, the kindle, LBS & Blockchain. Since 2015, Campbell has pursued several opportunities as a founder or co-founder in a range of tech sector business models. He has also invested in & advised a number of disruptive startups and was a ‘dragon’ on the UK Wayra VC launch. Campbell led the 4 VC Series A round in in 2015 and pioneered the circular business model change required for the food industry. He followed this up with the launch of – the world's first dedicated platform as a service for B2B companies seeking to launch an online ecommerce or marketplace presence. Campbell has won multiple awards and accolades throughout his career. He has also led and mentored great talent that has gone on to flourish in a broad range of commercial and non commercial environments. Campbell has an undergraduate BSc from the University of Glasgow, an MSC (Strathclyde), MBA (Henley) & Post grads in Blockchain strategy & Artificial intelligence from Oxford University (Saïd BS). He has also recently completed a program at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in Beijing. Passionate about solving the big problems in the modern world with technology and human change. Campbell is married with 3 boys and lives in Hampshire UK.


*Note: The time shown may reflect your local time zone. Check the agenda for the correct time. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2022 at 2:40:00 PM UTC

How B2B Marketplaces Can Be the Engine for Circularity

Room 2

Campbell Murray, Lieke van Kerkhoven

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