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Industry leading vendors, service providers and partners are here to support you through these uncertain times. Be sure to contact us if you need support or want to help!

PactSafe has repurposed part of their platform to create a free set of "contactless contract and policy" tools that help businesses that continue to operate keep their workplaces and employees safe. The PactSafe tools will enable you to communicate your COVID-19 policies by posting and updating online instantly. You will also be able to automate screening and documentation to keep your team and workplace safe. You can learn more at


Crosschq is offering its advanced reference checking platform for free to impacted companies through 7/1/20. In a climate where we are being forced to make hires rapidly and where background checks are taking longer than usual, a reference check can be an invaluable way to get qualified talent into the field quicker. If you are in health care, home care, home delivery, daycare or education and need help, we are here. For more information check out


Sharetribe offers a free platform for any non-profit initiative aiming to help during the Coronavirus pandemic. You can set up a platform for your town/city, coordinating grocery shopping, babysitting or any other type of help. Even if you're able to bring just two people together, this is a win. For more information, be sure to check Sharetribe out at


Joblock is an automated platform, powered by GDPR, where candidates source, own and share their own job. With traditional referencing channels broken because of COVID-19 crisis, they’re helping businesses easily screen new joiners, and accelerate onboarding with references from third parties. Learn more about Joblock:

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CovidSolved enables cities and regions to share best practices in solving problems related to COVID-19 and also to post actual challenges they are currently facing. International and local experts are invited to provide and co-create practical solutions within each of the challenges. Learn more about CovidSolved resources at


GangHut, the peer to peer marketing specialist, is offering selected services for free to marketplaces affected by the crisis. If you need support with a marketing strategy relating to a change you’ve made to better serve a need or community you operate in – or you want help with messaging to tell that story – the team can offer power hours and action plans to support you. For more information check out or email

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Rideshare Mechanic is a virtual mechanic that conducts vehicle inspections for rideshare drivers over video chat, using a smartphone. This means that drivers can complete their 19-point vehicle inspection from wherever the car is and with no human contact. There is no need to drive to a mechanic or hub, or consume gas and time, for the vehicle inspection. For more information and to schedule an inspection:

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The AIM Group has published a FREE special edition of AIM Group Marketplaces Report, with extensive coverage and analysis of the impact of Covid-19 on marketplaces. The report is global in scope and includes coverage of automotive, real estate, recruitment, horizontal and general marketplaces. Topics covered include short-term actions by marketplaces to support their customers; analysis of the long-term impact; layoffs; the battle between real estate marketplaces; a planned acquisition of a key U.S. marketplace app by a counterpart, and more. Report is available free at


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6 Degrees Privacy Consulting, based in Oregon, is offering free 15-30 minute individual company privacy program development conference calls through May 29, 2020. Individual company staff can schedule time via conference call to discuss subjects such as their organization's potential privacy risks, applicable privacy regulations, their website privacy notice, or how to start or improve their overall privacy program (policies, procedures, training, privacy impact assessments (or privacy-by-design). To schedule time email



Chargebacks911® offers fully-managed solutions to help merchants prevent chargebacks and recover revenue. With chargebacks expected to spike due to challenges resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak, they are now offering their services with no set-up fees, no up-front integration, and no contract. Merchants can take advantage of their award-winning technologies and strategies, all backed by a 100% ROI guarantee, on a month-to-month basis with no long-term commitment. You can learn more at


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LifeSciHub is a marketplace of life sciences research and development independent experts.  LifeSciHub will waive the hiring entity platform User Fee for any business impacted by COVID19 and will provide a dedicated resource to assist in any temporary expertise needs. LifeSciHub is a pool of vetted, available experts for use in clinical trials and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Check out for more information.

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MarketSpace is waiving subscription fees on all new local business and community marketplaces created on our platform until September 30, 2020. Our aim is to do our part to help small businesses stay afloat through this crisis and give them some time to rebuild as things improve. If your group needs to quickly start selling together online, we can help. You can find more information at


Now more than ever, it is important to establish trust remotely. To help in this time of crisis, Jumio is offering our fully automated, AI-powered identity verification solution FREE of charge to qualifying COVID-19 relief organizations including: telehealth, online education & testing services and other essential services. For more information on Jumio Go for Good, visit


To support the community during this crisis, Trov has launched a rapid-quote program for last-mile delivery insurance aimed at helping platforms that are looking to onboard new delivery drivers during this challenging time. The program is specially designed to help keep last-mile delivery businesses moving, so that people at higher risk have access to the essential items they need to safely practice social distancing. Full details of the news can be found here.


Arcadier, a marketplace software company, is offering a free platform for anyone creating marketplaces for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The program is targeted at initiatives that assist in coordinating finite resources better and where profit making is not the principal objective. Participants can build community marketplaces to share medical or home supplies, offer volunteer services to support neighbors or even create marketplaces for food takeaways in support of local businesses. To learn more about the program, go to:

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Enview by Civc Eagle’s platform helps government relations and policy teams easily find and monitor legislation across the country and provides workflow automation and collaboration features to help teams lobby and advocate effectively. Their tool can identify and monitor all COVID-19 related legislation so you don’t miss any state or federal incentives or programs related to the COVID-19 response. Learn more at

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