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Lyall Cresswell

Transport Exchange Group & Trustd

Founder & CEO

About me:

For 22 years Lyall Cresswell, Founder & CEO of Transport Exchange Group (TEG), has been on a mission to digitalize the road freight industry & create a collaborative & sustainable future. His many industry firsts include a ground-breaking mobile delivery app in 2004 & real-time freight visibility in 2015. Settlements arrive in 2023. 8,500 businesses currently trade 2.5 million loads annually on his sophisticated freight exchange platform. Recently Lyall launched Trustd, a bespoke digital KYB platform to manage onboarding, risk & compliance in the road freight industry. The build process has given Lyall a unique insight into the complexities of the KYB market & a deep understanding of a future based on decentralized identity, e-wallets & verified credentials.


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