Advisory Board - Call for Members

The Advisory Board is the backbone of Marketplace Risk's global community -

and it shapes everything that we do. From our in-person conferences and

summits, to our virtual events and digital content, we look to the Advisory

Board for insight, support and guidance.

Advisory Board Background 

The Marketplace Risk Advisory Board consists of founders, operators and experts in risk management, trust & safety, regulatory & compliance and legal strategy from the marketplace and sharing economies. The Advisory Board provides advice and guidance on our programs and events - everything from our conferences and summits to our virtual events and digital content. The Advisory Board’s involvement is crucial to expanding our global audience and fueling our mission to help startups successfully launch, grow and exit.

Application Deadline

Advisory Board members are appointed for one calendar year, beginning January 1 and ending December 31. Please apply by December 15 to ensure you can serve for the entire year. We will also consider additional Advisory Board applications throughout the year on a case-by-case basis. Please contact with any questions.

Advisory Board Member Details

Marketplace Risk is the most comprehensive source of education, networking and information sharing for the marketplace and sharing economy startup ecosystem to learn risk management, trust & safety, regulatory & compliance and legal strategy necessary to successfully launch, grow and exit. From our Blog, E-newsletter, Live Event Series, Masters Program, Platform Podcast and Community App, to the Marketplace Risk Management Conference, the Sharing Economy Global Summit and beyond, Marketplace Risk is the first and only dedicated resource for startups to learn essential, proven information that enables them to avoid known pitfalls and distractions so they can focus on the growth and success of their venture.


The Marketplace Risk Advisory Board helps define everything we do - from our conferences and summits, to our virtual events and digital content. Due to our significant growth over the last few years, we want to ensure that we continue to fulfill our community's needs and expectations by expanding our Advisory Board. We seek to engage passionate stakeholders in the startup ecosystem through our conferences and summits, digital events and content, and by increasing the visibility of the Marketplace Risk platform.


Role and Expectations of the Advisory Board

Advisory Board members must demonstrate expertise and experience in at least one area of focus, including risk management, trust & safety, compliance & regulatory and/or legal strategy for marketplace and sharing economy startups. Additionally, we prioritize members who will meaningfully contribute to our programs and events, including by increasing awareness of the Marketplace Risk platform. At a minimum, we ask Advisory Board members to: (1) provide valuable insights and relevant information about the industry; (2) identify and approach industry experts to participate in our programs and events; (3) expand our network with other communities, organizations, and individuals; and, (4) amplify and expand our programs and events.


We expect Advisory Board members to be active participants in the Marketplace Risk community. To that end, we require the Advisory Board to:

  • Commit to at least a one-year term (January - December);

  • Attend at least one in-person event (conference or summit);

  • Support our conferences and summits by: (1) identifying and sourcing speakers; (2) promoting within their network via email and social media; and (3) participating in the program and content curation;

  • Participate in at least one other program (e.g., Blog, Platform Podcast, Live Event Series); and

  • Identify opportunities to increase the visibility of the Marketplace Risk platform wherever possible. 


Advisory Board members are not compensated. However, there is no cost for Advisory Board members to attend any events or programs. In addition, Advisory Board members may offer colleagues and peers complimentary attendance at certain events and programs. 


When you join the Advisory Board, you will begin serving from the moment you are selected. Advisory Board members' service ends December 31st of the same year, unless they are invited to serve another year. Advisory Board members may be asked to withdraw if they develop a conflict of interest, as determined by Marketplace Risk. Each January, we refresh the Advisory Board to maintain our connection with the industry and best serve our community.  When refreshing the Advisory Board, we will invite certain Advisory Board members to continue for another term. This invitation may be based on their participation, involvement in current or planned programs and events, or because their knowledge, experience and expertise are considered essential. We will also identify gaps within the Advisory Board, approach qualified candidates to apply, and may find it necessary to open the application process to the broader community.