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Aaron Ammar


Co-Founder & CEO

The Woodlands, TX

About me:

Aaron Ammar, a seasoned entrepreneur and 4-time founder, operates at the convergence of technology, SaaS, AI, and insurance. He serves as the Co-Founder and CEO of Brightside, a cutting-edge AI/SaaS solution aimed at revolutionizing and streamlining business insurance. In addition to his role at Brightside, Aaron co-founded Roamly, a notable insurtech focused on RV insurance, and assumed the position of Chief Insurance Officer for both Roamly and Outdoorsy, recognized as the world's largest outdoor marketplace.

Among his notable achievements, Aaron is recognized as one of the Founding Partners of Y-Risk, a company specializing in innovative insurance solutions for marketplaces. Y-Risk successfully garnered attention and was ultimately acquired by The Hartford, a Fortune 200 company.

Prior to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Aaron contributed his expertise to XL Catlin and Travelers, showcasing a well-rounded professional background in the insurance industry.

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